Super crispy and sour Garri Ijebu is perfect for drinking and making Eba. Garri ijebu is served in every home both low income and high and now many parties also offer as substitute for appetizers with assorted fish and some other seafoods. 

Even though Garri is high in Carbohydrates there are good and important nutrients it still possesses which is good for the body. 

Do you also know Garri  help to boost our immune system? Yes, it contains cooper and magnesium.

There is a saying that too much of everything is not good, though Garri is high in carbohydrates, having a portion control is not a bad idea because the high fiber content in Garri helps you stay full for longer period, hence reducing the urge to always munch on something or eat in large quantities.  

Garri Ijebu can be enjoyed with different varieties of snacks Kulikuli, groundnuts, Kilishi, milk, sugar on a cold water. with swallow, on varieties of African vegetables or soup.

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